About Me

Jen is the idea behind ‘style it with Jen’. Kenyan lady based in Nairobi. Jennifer, commonly known as Jen, has a huge love for fashion even though she is a marketer by profession. Her love for fashion stems from her background as her family members are within the fashion industry. Jennifer does not have any qualification or expertise in fashion, but her style makes people fall in love with her. She does not have a distinct style, but her way of changing it is not only attractive but also unique which makes her look even more fashionable.

Jennifer blends both luxurious and affordable pieces of clothing which brings out an elegant appearance. Her style is all rounded and classy, and her way of dressing is always in line with the modern way of dressing. The blog aims at teaching individual’s how to place orders for the newest outfits in town and helping them discover their style specifications. Jennifer keeps fit, and she plans to share her workout schedules with her audience.

However, Jen has suffered arthritis for many years, and this has been a major challenge which is also the main reason why she has not been able to pursue her desired profession. The several surgeries she has undergone left her frustrated and in a state of despair. Jennifer painful experiences teach her that everybody has their challenges in life and its how individuals handle the hard moments that matter. That discovery gave her new strength, and she is now prepared to do what she loves most.

Jennifer encourages those individuals undergoing challenges to keep their faith and hopes high and trust in the Almighty as He creates victors, not victims. She further urges people to embrace opportunities and pursue their ambitions and leave the rest to God as He will place everything in order.

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